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About Us


BMP PARTES (Graphix Monsters,S.A.)  is a company with vision & values ​​dedicated to selling Replacement Parts for European vehicles, especially for brands: BMW, Volvo, Audi and Volkswagen , currently ranked among the most important American market.


QUALITY: We represent factories most prestigious European Parts, as well as suppliers of Genuine Parts manufacturers. (OEM SUPPLIER)

PRICES: We guarantee competitive prices while maintaining quality brands and Options Re-Name World.

HOME DELIVERY: We offer home service, departmental and shipping throughout Central America, through allied companies reliable and punctual transport.

STOCKS: We manage a large inventory, with more than 10,000 different parts in stock to quickly meet the needs of our customers.

PAYMENT: Cash, Check, Credit / Debit, 3.6 and 10 Credit Card Fees.

ADVISORY: Our experts advise clients Parties an optimal and efficient way. We have advanced technology to be able to offer and ship the correct parts efficiently and in the shortest time possible.

PARKING AND SURVEILLANCE: We have ample parking and Safety Professional indoor surveillance cameras for the peace of our customers.


Provide the automotive aftermarket, ensuring competitive prices, large parts lines, Stocks and Quality Standards, giving added value to our customers with comfort, personalized service, counseling precision technolo to the forefront.


The Guatemalan be more important in the field of auto parts with a presence throughout the Americas, being a comprehensive solution to meet the demand for automotive parts, while stressing their dedication to the education, training and employee development, respect for the environment and commitment to the development of the country


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